Public Relations Pittsburgh

March 1, 2023
Late 70s Public Relations

Our dedicated team contributes to industry award-winning programs that not only help drive our clients’ businesses forward but also foster a uniquely satisfying work environment. Pittsburgh staff is associated with our Global Brand Marketing, Food & Beverage and Corporate Practices, and we contribute to a client roster consisting of many of the leading brands in the world.

A part of Ketchum Midwest, we work closely with our Chicago office, but also across borders with the agency’s 50+ global offices and affiliates. This network ensures that world-class creativity and talent are applied to any client opportunity. Ketchum was founded in Pittsburgh in 1933 and our Pittsburgh work ethic married with a Midwestern personality is a potent combination that has won – and continues to win – clients.

We are proud to bring you some of the best, incredibly talented public relations professionals and support staff in the industry. We believe in delivering breakthrough work and results for our clients and value initiative, innovation, attention to detail, candor and collaboration.

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