Public Relations Graduate Schools

February 9, 2023

A photo of a table with many press microphones on it.In our program you'll learn how to create messages and strategic plans to connect with your audiences.

Organizations need experienced communicators to effectively convey their messages. Teaching our students how to craft and deliver communications is at the heart of our mission.

Our internationally recognized public relations (PR) program is one of the few in the U.S. that offers undergraduate, graduate and mid-career-level PR education. Typically, incoming graduate students are recent college graduates planning on entering the public relations field.

Prepare for the profession

In our 13-month program, you will study the theory, concepts, processes and practices of public relations (PR). Your introductory graduate year public relations course will challenge you to conceptualize, plan and execute typical PR activities such as client meetings and press conferences. From there, you will spend your year developing critical and strategic thinking, as well as learn how to most effectively interact with both clients and the news media.

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