Degree Public Relations

March 6, 2019
Degree public relations

Is a public relations degree right for me?Public relations careers are a lot like Charles Dickens: wildly popular and replete with memorable characters.

And public relations work is interesting, to say the least.

When it comes to PR, people tend to have expectations about what it’s like: plenty of variety, a fast-paced environment, access to special events, a few perks and freebies, and the occasional celebrity sighting. While these have been known to happen in the world of public relations, the reality is this:

Most PR practitioners spend their day strategizing on behalf of their clients, working long hours, and writing, writing, writing.

If you, like Dickens, love to write, keep reading for more answers to important questions that may help decide if a public relations degree is right for you.

“Am I the public relations type?”

Depends. Are you creative, outgoing and energetic? Do you thrive under pressure? Can you communicate clearly and tactfully (in written, oral and even social form)? Are you committed to being well versed in consumer behavior, popular culture and current events? If so, you’ll probably find yourself well suited to the day-to-day responsibilities of public relations professionals.

“Is public relations a growing field?”

“Do I really need a degree?”

Yes. Public relations is a highly competitive field and a degree is pretty much a must. While English, journalism and communications majors often make the leap to PR, if you know you want to go into public relations, you’re better off enrolling in a more targeted public relations degree program.

“What are the degree requirements?”

Degree requirements for public relations degree programs vary by college and university, but most cover these fundamentals: communications and ethics, and management and marketing. PR specialists typically hold a bachelor’s degree while PR managers have both a degree and related work experience.

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