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April 6, 2022
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International Conference

PRSA 2017 International Conference
Oct. 8-10, 2017 | Boston
International Conference offers practical insight and networking for public relations professionals of all career levels, sectors and work environments. Demonstrating value with actionable best practices is what drives the PRSA community and is the focus of this annual event.

Section Conferences

Counselors to Higher Education 2017 Senior Summit
April 5‒7, 2017 | Washington, D.C.
The Forum for Leaders in Higher Education Communications
Public relations counselors in higher education come together at the CHE Senior Summit to learn new communications strategies to advance their college or university.

Health Academy Conference
April 26‒28, 2017 | Orlando, FL
A Whole New World: Transformation, Magic and Opportunity in the New Kingdom of Health Care Communications
The Health Academy Conference is ideal if you work in health care or an organization allied to the field, or in a public relations agency serving health care clients. Held each spring, this annual conference provides industry perspective and communications strategies that will benefit your career. At a time of momentous change within the health care field, this conference will help you and your organization prepare for the future.
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Counselors Academy Conference
May 7–9, 2017 │ Seattle, WA
Sleepless in Seattle: 60 Hours of Collaboration and Insight to Wake Up Your Agency
Public relations agency owners and senior counselors come together at the Counselors Academy Conference to learn new strategies for managing their operations, clients and employees.
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Travel and Tourism Conference
May 21–24, 2017 │ Palm Springs
Mod About PR
The Travel and Tourism Conference offers the latest approaches for hospitality and travel communicators to help make the most of staff, budgets and time.
Employee Communications Conference
June 14–16, 2017 │ Denver
Connect 17: Elevate Your Impact
The Connect 17 Conference addresses the latest employee communications issues, focusing on how individual employees can impact their organization’s overall reputation and brand through technology and social media. This unique conference features emerging best practices and innovative techniques from colleagues at the helm of the most successful campaigns.

Public Affairs and Government 2017 Summit
June 23–24, 2017 │ Dallas
Rough and Ready! Learn How to Wrangle the Public Sector’s Biggest Issues
This conference will focus on the multi-disciplinary interests of public affairs professionals, and share valuable resources for communicators who hold public affairs roles in the private and NGO sectors, as well as in local, state and/or national government bodies and the military.

District Conferences

Western District Conference
March 2‒3, 2017 | Riverside, CA
PRSA Western District represents over 2, 000 professionals. Join us as we network, learn and celebrate another year of award-winning work.

Southeast District Conference
April 19‒21, 2017 | Regions Field, Birmingham, AL
Always On: Strategies to Navigate 24/7 Demands
This is the world we all live in. All day. Every day. We are all always on and, even worse, expected to be always on. Join an expected crowd of 300 practitioners and students from 11 PRSA chapters and 13 universities located across Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Northeast District ConferenceEverything we do as Public Relations practitioners must directly support The Bottom Line. Our ideas, strategies, tactics, and measurement must all be tied directly to the business goals and the success of our organizations and our communities. We have seen a tremendous boom of economic development in the Finger Lakes region, throughout New York State, and across the Northeast District, and so much of our work as PR practitioners has supported these efforts, whether through tourism, cultural development or the success of the companies we work for. The presentations and workshops at PRXNE17 will focus on sharing success stories, case studies, and ‘how to’ tips to help attendees immediately implement these new learning’s, and refocus their public relations efforts to truly support the bottom line of their own organizations or their clients’ organizations.

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