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December 25, 2020
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Students are able to apply for admission into this degree by way of portfolios and brief interviews with our friendly team of academics.

Why Portfolio Entry?

Because your ATAR score is not always a true reflection of your creative potential. This pathway offers you the opportunity to show off your passion for Public Relations. School leavers will use this pathway to secure an offer in the Early Round of admissions. Mature Age Students will benefit from not worrying about their ATAR score (or equivalent) and focus on showcasing their personal talent and/or professional achievements in Public Relations.

What Should I Include in my Public Relations Portfolio?

The purpose of the portfolio is to help us determine whether you are passionate and knowledgeable about public relations. When we look at your portfolio the main question we are asking is: "does this person love PR so much that we should offer them a place in our course?"

To help us answer this question, we want you to give us a portfolio with three major sections:

  1. A short outline - write us a short outline (no more than one page) that tells us a little bit about you, including why you're applying for portfolio entry, and why you think you'd be an excellent person to have in our course. Also tell us about any experience you have in public relations, including any relevant study you have undertaken.
  2. A review of three public relations campaigns - demonstrate that you have thought about PR by reviewing three campaigns that you think are great examples of public relations. For each campaign, tell us what makes them good campaigns and why you chose them specifically.
  3. Examples of your work - In most cases, if you love public relations as much as we do, then you'll already have some skills in the area, perhaps through volunteer work. If so, we strongly encourage you to enhance your portfolio by including some examples of your best work.

Submission format
The portfolio should be put together in an electronic format, preferably in PDF format. If you want to really impress us, give it to us as a blog: a link to a site will suffice.

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