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August 18, 2018
In today s world of real

Although the real estate mantra is “location, location, location, ” at South Florida public relations firm Durée & Company, we believe it needs to be followed with “public relations, public relations, public relations.”

What good is a great location’s availability, if no one knows about it?

That’s where we come in. Our team at Durée & Company works with some of the most talented, reputable and visionary real estate developers and sales firms in South Florida to share the news of coveted residential and commercial properties. Through strategic PR campaigns that incorporate media relations, marketing and advertising, event planning, cross-promotional initiatives, and social media, we help put our clients’ real estate projects on the map and publicize their listings.

We have extensive experience working with business and real estate editors from a myriad of well-respected media outlets as well as non-traditional media, so we know what constitutes a great story.

In addition, we make sure to incorporate effective social media strategies into our communications campaign to help us drive traffic to a project’s or firm’s website and boost leads.

However, our PR plans not only look to create buzz, but also to drive results. This is why before we proceed with a PR campaign, we always take into account a project’s size, amenities, region, and competition. By recognizing its strengths and challenges in the marketplace, we’re able to develop a successful campaign and create newsworthy story angles.

At Durée & Company, we chant “promotion, promotion, promotion” when it comes to our real estate public relations clients. After all, it’s our job to build awareness, and ultimately help attract potential buyers and create sales.

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