Public Relations Scotland

August 26, 2022
What does the Scotland Bill

CIPR Scotland is one the 14 national and regional UK groups that make up the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). Founded in 1963, CIPR Scotland is now one of the biggest CIPR groups in the UK with over 900 members.

About us

The group is managed by a volunteer committee of PR practitioners from a range of backgrounds; including in-house, agency and independent PR professionals. Following member nominations, the committee is approved each year at the CIPR Scotland AGM and committee members can be co-opted as necessary throughout the year. You must be registered for and participating in CPD to join the Committee.

CIPR Scotland's work is delivered by the volunteer committee who plan and manage events, communicate news about the CIPR, the programme of events, the CPD programme and the Pride awards. The Committee are committed to promoting membership of CIPR and to encouraging take up of the CIPR's CPD programme.

Since Scottish devolution and the setting up of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, the committee has also provided a range of public affairs events as part of its annual events programme. CIPR Scotland comments on Scottish legislation affecting the Scottish PR and public affairs industries – for example, the Lobbying (Scotland) Bill.

CIPR Scotland is committed to working with core partners to collaborate on projects and issues. Key partnerships include AMMO, IOD Scotland, Marketing Society Scotland and educational institutions providing qualifications relating to PR and communications.

The CIPR Scotland PRide Awards are hosted annually and is the the biggest PR awards dinner outside of London, as well as a highlight of the Scottish social calendar.

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