Public Relations Bristol

August 22, 2022

Our mission is to educate and keep our community informed by effectively, efficiently and creatively, communicating city news. We use the tools of technology, public relations, marketing and advertising to build a connected community.


We keep internal and external customers advised of city-related events and information through public service announcements, news releases, public and employee newsletters, communications to members of City Council, BTN-TV Channel 16 and 192, and the Internet. We also provide staff assistance to all departments regarding marketing services through the preparation of booklets, brochures and other publications and events.

In addition to traditional communication tools, the Office of Community Relations uses social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and Instagram to relay information to a broader spectrum of citizens. Click on the links below to view our different social media pages. Visit to view our videos about the city, its projects and programs. We will continue to explore new ways to “get the word out” and keep citizens informed about city news, activities, and events.

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