Journalism, Public Relations

October 11, 2022
Page Center Awards

The Department of Journalism and Public Relations at BGSU trains the next generation of journalism and public relations professionals with the skills they need to be successful in this exciting and rapidly changing industry. We offer a mix of classroom instruction, practical, hands-on experience and connections to successful alumni and media organizations.

Our majors specialize in one of three sequences: broadcast journalism, multiplatform journalism or public relations. No matter the sequence, all students receive training to prepare them for the modern mobile and multimedia world. Kuhlin Center, our new home, allows students to practice their skills using some of the latest audio, video and multimedia technologies.

Our journalism program is nationally accredited by the ACEJMC, and because of our two-internship requirement, our graduates are guaranteed to have significant practical experience. Our program also boasts excellent graduation and retention rates. Students have many opportunities to learn journalism firsthand through our Falcon Media organizations

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