Home Depot Public Relations

September 9, 2022
Home Depot hiring 1,600 in

Stacey Tank is currently vice president of corporate communications and external affairs. In this role, she has global responsibility for corporate communications, brand PR, corporate digital media, community affairs, crisis communications, events, The Home Depot Foundation and The Homer Fund.

Prior to joining the company, Stacey was senior vice president and chief corporate relations officer for HEINEKEN USA. In this role, she oversaw corporate communications, customer relations, public affairs, government relations, employee engagement, brand PR, owned media, responsible consumption and sustainability.

Stacey joined HEINEKEN from General Electric, where she held a variety of global communications, finance and audit roles.

Stacey has been previously recognized as one of PR Week and Westchester County’s “40 under 40, ” 914 Magazine’s female executive of the year and one of PR Week’s “Power 50.” She is an education ambassador and executive board member for Bright Pink, a nonprofit that provides support to young women who are at high risk for breast and ovarian cancers. She is also currently a board member of The Home Depot Foundation and the Institute for Public Relations.

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Source: corporate.homedepot.com
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