Tools for Public Relations

September 7, 2022
With many different features

Social media tools are a cost-effective way to interact with a worldwide audience.Social media tools are a cost-effective way to interact with a worldwide audience.

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Small businesses use public relations as part of an overall marketing strategy to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Businesses can use the interactivity features of social media to coordinate two-way communications, reach influential people and provide technical support services to their customers. Social media tools, along with advertising on traditional media platforms and personal contact with customers, can help businesses establish a competitive advantage.


Small businesses can use blogs to publish information that complements their press releases and executive presentations, such as technical papers and responses to frequently asked questions. By linking blogs to other social media tools, such as microblogs and networking sites, companies can disseminate information about specific product features or upcoming product releases to a wide audience. Companies can also tap into networks of influential bloggers, who often review new products or write about emerging companies. A positive mention of a company in a top blog could pull in thousands of visitors to its website, some of whom may request additional information and eventually become customers.


Microblogs, such as Twitter and Tumblr, allow companies to post product headlines, announcements of open houses or promotional giveaways, status updates on upcoming products, as well as links to images, multimedia files and blogs. Effective microblogging strategies include writing short headlines and actively engaging people in conversations. Due to limitations on the number of characters, companies should write snappy headlines that include the product and company name, searchable keywords and links to websites or blogs containing additional information. Companies should actively engage people in conversations on relevant subjects, such as product design ideas and ways of improving customer service.


Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Google+, allow businesses to communicate product ideas and announcements with a worldwide audience. Public relations managers should listen to the ongoing conversations in relevant subject areas to get a sense of the audience demographics, their interests and possibly even buying habits. A simple way to listen is to use Google Alerts, which is a content monitoring and notification service from Google. Companies can activate this service for specific keywords, such as product or company name, and Google will send regular emails when it finds new content with those keywords. This active listening can help companies develop the appropriate message, join the right groups and build communities of loyal customers and enthusiasts.

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