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April 3, 2017
Rob Dillard

Kolbie CregerKolbie Creger graduated from Coe in 2015 majoring in public relations and communication studies. She is a native of Winterset, Iowa, but currently resides in Cedar Rapids. As a Kohawk, she spent two years interning in the Coe College Office of Marketing and Public Relations. Kolbie now works as a marketing communications specialist for UnityPoint Health St. Luke's Hospital.

Logan Keehner"My experience at Coe exceeded all expectations. I met students and professors who changed the way I think, opened my mind and made me a better version of myself. In the classroom, I discovered my passion for writing, my instinct to work hard and my appreciation for meaningful conversations. As an intern, I established trust in my abilities, narrowed down my career path and ultimately discovered my potential. In what seems like the shortest four years of my life, Coe gave me the resources I needed to grow, explore and thrive." - Kolbie Creger '15

Michael Anderson

Logan Keehner graduated from Coe in 2014 majoring in business administration and public relations. Originally from Guttenberg, Iowa, Logan now lives in Austin, Texas. He works as an Account Executive at an advertising agency where he discusses advertising goals with clients and works with the creative team to accomplish them.

"While at Coe I was able to branch out beyond my public relations and business majors by gaining experience in areas of advertising, marketing and communications through multiple internships. The Coe experience also allowed me to hone these skills through leadership positions in campus organizations. After college, this experience allowed me to take on a wider range of responsibilities in the workplace, making me a more versatile and valuable employee." - Logan Keehner '14

Alison Charles

Michael Anderson graduated from Coe College in 2013, with majors in business administration and public relations, and a minor in philosophy. Originally from Marshalltown, Iowa, Anderson now works as the Coordinator of Special Events and Summer Conferences at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.

"Coe gave me all the tools I needed to be successful: personal guidance and support from faculty and staff, rigorous and paradigm-shifting academic coursework, and opportunities for leadership and collaboration inside and outside the classroom. Professors at Coe do not teach you what to think. Instead, they work to build a love of questioning and learning; the ability to bring critical thinking skills to any issue - whether it arises in a personal, professional or academic setting. The writing-intensive, analysis-based liberal arts curriculum that Coe offers is second to none." - Michael Anderson '13

Lauren DuBay Cassie Irwin Ashley Hartzler Krishen Narcelles

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