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June 25, 2016
Oxygen Public Relations USA |

“Oxygen PR in San Francisco did a terrific job in helping us, Homido VR gain a better visibility within the media as we developped our operations in the USA. The whole team was very professional and competent, and was hands on for us at all time. They provided a state of the art PR effective strategy and supported us in our communications campaigns. The positive cooperation was particularly appreciated for the launch of the Homido 'mini' virtual reality glasses during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Thank you Oxygen for going the extra miles to bring us closer to our public in the US!”

Olivier Mondon, PR Communications manager for Homido VR,

“The OXYGEN's team was absolutely perfect all the campaign long. Results has been awesome!”

Guillaume Rolland - CEO, SensorWake

“Since the start of our collaboration, the DG Consultants team has found in Oxygen an ability to listen and be responsive on a daily basis. Offering new proposals, respecting deadlines and budgetary constraints, Oxygen isn’t a service provider, it’s a partner for our events!”

Anne Lenoir - Cédric Cuchet, DG Consultant

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Oxygen RP over many years. Expertise, responsiveness and availability are the watchwords for the team.”

Glawdis Cornuault, Studyrama

“Since we’ve been working with Oxygen, PR has become simple and obvious: from the quality of written press releases (and we’re very demanding) all the way to the published results. Their extensive network of journalists, both locally and nationally, allows us to address lots of general, economic and specialised media. If I had to describe the OXYGEN agency in a few words: professionalism, responsive, a driving force for proposals and (good) advice. Thank you to our favourite representatives!”

Pauline Ignaccolo, Incubateur Midi-Pyrénnées

“Since the start of my collaboration with OXYGEN, I really appreciated being supported by a customer relations manager/consultant tandem. I believe it’s the highly professional and complementary expertise of this duo, our regular discussions and our mutual bond that form the basis that allows us to achieve the aims that we have set ourselves in terms of PR. Beyond the weekly, monthly and post operation reports, it’s, for many, the monthly meetings and update calls which enable you to, at any time, monitor, update, set out, focus and redirect actions. Lastly, the monitoring, advice and availability of my representatives at OXYGEN make it really comfortable to collaborate. They bring an essential responsiveness, an appreciable mutual enrichment and, over time, in the long term, the guarantee of, together, becoming really relevant with our communications and gaining visibility within the media. ”

Brigitte Mericam Le Moan, Cesi

“We have been working for many years with the OXYGEN team. It’s the close working relationship, through the availability and involvement of the consultants on a daily basis, and the rigour brought to the job, which enable our PR strategy to succeed over the long term. The OXYGEN team has been able to combine the technical expertise required to really understand our profession, and an acute sense of the interpersonal, to propose communication actions suitable for the requirements of journalists, all the while championing the expert image of Sogedev.”

Julie Taïel, Sogedev

“We’ve really appreciated our collaboration with Oxygen thanks to their professionalism and the quality of their work. Working with teams on a human scale and listening to customers’ needs is vital for a start up like eduPad.”

Amandine Royer, Edupad

“Oxygen plays its role of advisor to the full and is a real driving force for proposals in creating our image and our stance, through a team who is able to understand and interpret our profession, our constraints and our desire to see our reputation grow. ”

Isabelle Laguerre, Brocade

“OxygenPR helps us to turn our features into stories. It’s the experience of communicating with the media in the service of our application, our market and our goals. OxygenPR is an available, dynamic and patient team, who understands us and adapts to our constraints, to help us to achieve the best exposure in the best IT publications. ”

Vigile Hoareau, Ansamb - US

“I am really satisfied with all the articles published in the US/Canadian/UK press. It’s why I had to thank you warmly for your immense contribution to the success of our campaign. ”

Jacques Rougerie, Sea Orbiter - US

“The development of press relations has come from a mutual trusting relationship, understanding the product, the brand and the global environment of the company as well as its area of business well. This is how OXYGEN has been making us happy since 2013.”

Source: www.oxygen-rp.fr
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