Public Relations People

August 1, 2022
The PR 50 - Business Insider

PR 50 2016aBusiness InsiderJournalists and public relations professionals have a notorious love-hate relationship.

PR people have been known to "spin" reporters (giving information that may or may not be 100% truthful) or bombard journalists with irrelevant emails, press releases, and phone calls.

On the flip side, journalists are a difficult, surly, and cantankerous group of people to work with.

But there are PR people who do know their jobs. Who do understand news. Who do work to uncover important stories at their companies. Who do handle the difficult questions and investigations honestly.

These are the people that make a journalist's work immeasurably better. The following list is comprised of people who are influential in the tech industry and have proven themselves to be good partners to tech journalists, according to the tech journalist community.

We received almost two hundred nominations and narrowed that down to 61 semi-finalists, from which this final 50 were selected.

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