Beach House Public Relations

August 30, 2022
UCI Strategic Communications

We’re Beach House, your brand’s BFF. We speak fluent emoji, understand selfies as a strategy, and basically can’t put our phones down.

STORYTELLERS. The best brands have stories to tell that are worth people’s time and it’s our job to bring your brand’s story to life.

CREATORS. Content is king; so we never stop creating. In fact, we’ve turned our office into a real-time content creation studio, with every nook & cranny of our space specifically designed to serve as a photography set or film studio.

OBSESSED. You know that one girl in the room? She’s got that certain ‘je ne sais quois’. She’s strategically working the crowd; has the best makeup, is rocking the hottest fashion brands, and takes the best selfies (always in perfect lighting). Well, that’s us, and that is how we are going to make people think about your brand. For our team of smart, seasoned, and savvy #BeachHouseGirls, this isn’t just a job. It’s a way of life; a part of who we are. We eat, sleep, live, breathe all things digital, trending, and pop culture…we’ve been doing it for over a decade and we always do it with a SMILE.

DISRUPTIVE. We cut through the marketing clutter with campaigns that demand people’s attention. Our campaigns are memorable, award-winning, and set trends.

SMART. We are strategic and results-oriented. We’re in the zeitgeist; meaning your brand can respond in real-time to real-life events; just as your consumers do.

ELEVATING. Through strategic brand partnerships & collaborations, we can position your brand within the right spheres of influence. Our eye for style & impeccable taste allows us to curate content with vision and a strong point of view that elevates.

TRENDSETTERS. We are able to position brands as thought leaders. By identifying key trends before they’re mainstream; your marketing strategies will have people buzzing about your brand.

Beach House is a full-service agency, offering an array of strategic public relations and digital services, including:

• Public Relations
• Branding
• Social Media
• Digital Communications, including paid media
• Influencer Management
• Website Development

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